CIPTA, iCUBE’s flagship event which facilitates innovative Malaysian students’ process of turning their startup ideas into reality, is back! With success stories such as AweTrip and MuzGuide abound from the previous year’s CIPTA finalists, this year promises to be another exciting year ahead for Malaysia’s entrepreneur-aspiring students! Kicking off CIPTA 2018 is our Phase One: i-CUBATOR.

i-CUBATOR, as the name implies, is an event that works similarly to that of startup incubators – it provides a platform for participants with a startup idea to receive advice and guidance from seasoned mentors on how to further their progress, all while receiving insightful questions that shed light on the problems participants encounter in a refreshing manner. Additionally, as established speakers will also share their perspectives on what to be aware of before starting a startup and the potential challenges that may arise, participants will be able to reaffirm their actions during the initial stages of their startups to ensure they are on the right track!

Venue: The Shard
Free food will be provided 😉

i-CUBATOR is an opportunity not to be missed, sign up now!


  • Miss Tram Anh Nguyen, co-founder of CTFE
  • Mr Daniel Ng, CEO of CyberOwl
  • Mr Fernando Moon, founder of Eggbun Education
  • Mr Gopi Chand, co-founder of Vyca Jewellery


27th Jan 2018 (Sat)

9:30 Registration Opens
10:00Introduction to event & CIPTA / Opening
10:15Seminar on Starting a Business & Challenges
11:15Coffee break
11:30Workshop for Mentor and Team to work together
12:50Photo Session
13:00Lunch/ Networking
13:30Speed Networking Session
14:30Closing Ceremony/ Tea time/ Networking/ End

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Where is the event?

The venue is at The Shard, also referred to as the Shard of Glass. The address is : 32 London Bridge St, London SE1 9SG

How much is the ticket?

IT’S FREE! All the more reason why you should sign up!

Is lunch provided?

Absolutely, meals are provided! Free lunch! Hesitate no more, JOIN NOW!

I am unsure that I am suitable for entrepreneurship and whether my idea is feasible. Is this program planned with someone like me in mind?

We have no restriction on ideas.

Is participation in i-DEATION, phase-0 of CIPTA, a prerequisite for joining i-CUBATOR?

No. The purpose of i-DEATION is to help budding student entrepreneurs in developing creative solutions by thinking from different perspectives. While some innovative ideas did emerge from the workshop, we believe that brilliant ideas are everywhere and yours can just be the next BIG THING!  

When is the deadline to register for this event?

The last day to register for i-CUBATOR is 21st January 2018, so be quick! Don’t miss out this golden opportunity!

Is this event opened to Malaysians only?

No. Non-Malaysians can join teams that include at least one Malaysian. However, individual participants must be Malaysian.

I wish to start a business without any partners due to some reasons. Can I still apply to this programme?

Yes, we believe that you have equal chances of succeeding as those who join in groups. In fact, top companies such as Amazon and Tumblr are founded by single individuals.

Do you accept non-tech related ideas, which have high potentials?


Must I attend the second i-CUBATOR?

Attendance for the next i-CUBATOR, which will be held in Manchester, is not compulsory since the agenda will be similar with the first. But, should you wish to network with more mentors (there will a different list of mentors), you are welcomed to register for our 2nd event.

How do you select participants who progress to the next phase, Pre-Accelerator Programme?

Teams that can further progress into our Pre-Accelerator Program will be selected by a third party mentor, who has a great deal of experience in entrepreneurship. It is based on your idea, performance and progress throughout this phase.

Am I allowed to select my preferred mentors?

We will allocate the most suitable mentor based on your team’s idea and the expertise of the mentors.

Are the mentors based in the UK or Malaysia?

Mentors will be from both UK and Malaysia.

What are the types of mentoring available and how will the mentors communicate with us?

The main forms of mentoring are one-to-one and group mentoring as we’ll assign a mentor to each team (which could be an individual or in group). The mentors would most likely contact us through email initially.

Do i need to pay for the mentoring session conducted after i-CUBATOR?

The mentoring sessions after i-CUBATOR in CIPTA 2018 will be absolutely FREE! However, you will have to arrange the sessions, and it’s subjected to the mentor’s availability.

More questions?

Kindly contact 07719 968321 (May) or 07719 921407 (Rayson) should you have any further queries! Or find us on Facebook through this link: