E-nnovation is the combination of the words entrepreneurial spirit and innovation, the two core values of the boot camp. It is open to all students in the UK & Ireland.

There will be a series of activities throughout the camp such as

  • Idea Speed Dating
  • ‘Virtual Reality’
  • Hack & Make
  • Sharing Session by our Guest Speaker.

What to expect from this camp?

  1. Connect with those who share a common interest
  2. Step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to bring ideas to reality from scratch within 24 hours
  3. Have the chance to listen to the inspiring journey of our guest speaker
  4. Be exposed to the world of entrepreneurship for students at college and university

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Idea Speed Dating

‘Virtual Reality’

Hack & Make

Sharing Session by Our Guest Speaker

Schedule of the events

11 February 2017 (Saturday)

Time Activity Venue
0900 – 1000 Registration and collection of t-shirts Skempton Entrance
1000 – 1100 Ideas Speed Dating Skempton 060A,B,C
1100 – 1200 Grouping and Lunch Skempton 060A,B,C
1200 – 1445 Virtual Reality Skempton 060A,B,C
1445 – 1500 Tour to Hackspace and Briefing for Hack & Make Skempton 060A,B,C
1500 Start of 24 Hour Hack & Make and Social Media Challenge Skempton 060A,B,C
1900 Dinner Skempton 060A,B,C
2100 Bubbleology Time!* Skempton 060A,B,C

*Check point: 9 pm. Participants are required to report their progress to checkpoint master.

12 February 2017 (Sunday)

Time Activity Venue
0800 – 0900 Breakfast Skempton 301
1200 Lunch* Skempton 301
1400 Bubbleology Time! Skempton 301
1500 End of 24 Hour Hack & Make and Social Media Challenge Skempton 301
1500 – 1600 Sharing Session by Mr. Fadzarrudin Shah CEO of FashionValet Skempton 201
1600 – 1730 Presentation by participants and Q&A Skempton 201
1730 – 1815 Recognition and closing speech by Datuk SK. Lingam and Prize Giving Skempton 201
1815 Photo taking time! Skempton 201

*Check point: Lunch. Participants are required to report their progress to checkpoint master.


IT’S ENTIRELY FREE! We are proud to announce that we will be providing all your meals throughout the camp. However, you will need to pay a deposit of £10 to our finance director, Edward Lim. The payment details are included in the registration form. The deposit will be returned to you during registration.


After registration and payment, a confirmation email will be sent to you shortly.

One week before the camp, you will receive a detailed information pack regarding the camp.

Last but not least, enjoy the camp!


1. Who will I meet at the camp?

People like you! At E-nnovation Bootcamp, you will find like-minded people who share the same aspirations as you. You will meet the passionate organising committee who will help you MAKE the most out of the two-day boot-camp (pun intended). Besides, there will be participants from varying backgrounds with brilliant ideas to share and to learn from. If that’s not enough, you can network with people and possibly make lifelong friends!

2. How long will the camp be?

The camp will start on 11th February 2017 (Saturday) at 9am sharp for registration and ends on 12th February 2017 (Sunday) at 7pm. A detailed agenda is included in this booklet.

3. What time should I be at the venue for registration?

Registration will commence at 9am and will go on for an hour. Our first activity of the camp will follow right after registration.

4. Will accommodation be provided?

No. Accommodation will not be provided due to the structure of the 24-hour Hack & Make. However, we would recommend Malaysian Hall at Bayswater if you would like to get a short shut-eye.

5. Will meals be provided?

Well, yes! Meals are provided. You’ll get to devour on delicious halal Malaysian food throughout the camp! Don’t worry, vegetarian meals will be provided too. We will provide lunch and dinner on the first day, and breakfast and lunch on the second day. You’ll also get to enjoy bubble tea from our sponsor, Bubbleology!

6. Where is the venue for registration?

Head to the entrance of the Skempton Building to find our registration booths! Our friendly committee members will be stationed around Imperial College London to guide those who can’t find the building.

7. How do I collect the T-shirt?

T-shirts are to be collected on the day itself at the registration booths.

8. What should I wear?

You can wear anything you feel comfortable with!

9. What do I get from winning?

A cash prize of £250 will be awarded to the first-place winner. In addition to that, the winning team will also be qualified to enter Stage 1 of our flagship event, CIPTA.

10. What is CIPTA?

CIPTA is a Malaysian innovation challenge that encourages young minds in the UK to realise their full potential. Students are allowed to form teams and submit their proposals to us before the deadline. There are two categories this year, the Open Category and the Closed Category.

In the former, we do not restrict the participants’ creativity so the ideas could be about anything — the sky’s the limit! A selected number of teams will be chosen to proceed to Phase One, where they will pitch their ideas to the CIPTA sponsors. Those who advance to Phase Two will be provided resources by the sponsors to work on their minimum viable products (MVP) throughout the summer. They will present their MVPs and showcase their progress in the final phase, Phase Three.

In the Closed Category, the CIPTA sponsors will suggest and judge a topic related to their industry; participants will present their ideas or solutions to the judges. If selected, they will be able to work on the project during the summer with the resources and mentorship provided by the company.

11. What is the difference between E-nnovation and CIPTA?

E-nnovation is pretty similar to CIPTA, with some key differences. CIPTA is iCUBE’s flagship event, where sponsors from corporate companies will judge and invest in the participants’ innovative ideas. CIPTA is a competition held over a longer period of time while E-nnovation is in 24 hours. A cash prize of £250 is also up for grabs in E-nnovation.

12. What should I bring to E-nnovation?

Cash, as coffee will be on sale. Materials for Hack & Make, if any. Laptop, if you want to use your software or use it for research during Hack & Make.

Hack & Make is a 24-hour challenge, so do bring a sleeping bag if you wish to nap comfortably. Last but not least, bring along plenty of ENTHUSIASM!!!

13. Who is going to be the judge for Hack & Make and who is the Guest Speaker?

Mr. Fadzarudin Shah Anuar, Datuk SK Lingam and Mr. Paul Reece, the CEO of Ibexis Technology Limited will be the judges. Mr. Fadzarudin Shah Anuar, the CEO of FashionValet, is also the Guest SPeaker and will be sharing his experience during the speaker session.

14. Will the Sharing Session by Guest Speaker and the participants’ presentations be open to the public?

Yes. All participants as well as the general public are welcome to join both the speaker session and the teams’ presentations. So make sure to invite your friends to come watch you present!

15. What should I do in case I can’t make it for the event? Is my deposit refundable?

Immediately inform iCUBE and ask someone to replace your spot as the deposit given is non-refundable (this is stated in the acknowledgement part of the registration form). If you are unable to find a replacement, we regret to inform you that your deposit will not be refunded.

16. How do I get my deposit back?

A booth will be set up during the camp on the second day (12 February 2017) from 12pm to 2pm. Participants can head to the booth to collect their deposit.