CIPTA strives to provide a platform for innovative Malaysian students to bring their ideas to life. Yes, we are back, and we’re bigger than EVER! This year, there will be two categories of CIPTA: Open and Closed.



Open Category

Closed Category

Open Category VS Closed Category

Participants will submit their registration online. They are to include a brief description of their idea.RegistrationParticipants will submit their registration online. They are to include a brief description of their idea related to the industries involved or propose a solution to the problem occurring in the said industries.
Each group participating in the Open Category is encouraged to send at least one of their members to the programme. Priority to move on to Phase One will be given to those who attend this programme.Phase ZeroClosed Category participants can apply for the Alpha Pre-Acclerator Programme on a first-come, first-served basis.
Participants will pitch to funders on the 31st of March 2017.

If selected, the possible types of support that participants may receive to help them in Phase Two are:

Phase OneParticipants will pitch to companies on the 30th of March 2017.

The winner is named in this phase.

The winner will be entitled internship/graduating program.
Participants will work on their idea throughout the summer. Phase TwoNot involved.
Participants will present their progress throughout Phase Two by means of any creative forms of reporting (e.g. video, report). The winners of CIPTA 2017 Open Category will then be selected by the sponsors.Phase ThreeNot involved.
The progress that the participants have made throughout Phase Two.Winning CriteriaThe presentation in Phase One - Idea Pitching.
CIPTA is a platform to connect innovative students to Malaysian funders. These funders may choose to provide additional support long after CIPTA 2017 has ended if they believe in the participants’ ideas and their possibilities. BenefitsThe companies involved may provide internships or job opportunities to the participants who pitch well in Phase One - Idea Pitching.


30 March 2017 (Thursday)

Time Activity
1200 – 1300 Registration
1300 – 1340 Event Introduction & Opening Ceremony
1340 – 1450 Closed Category: Accounting, Finance and Insurance
1450 – 1500 Break & Refreshment
1500 – 1610 Closed Category: Science, Technology and Engineering
1610 – 1620 Break & Refreshment
1620 – 1730 Closed Category: Digital media and Communication
1730 – 1800 Open Category: Pitching for Resources
1800 – 1810 Emcee Wrap Up
1810 – 1840 Results
1840 – 1850 Souvenirs Presentation
1850 – 1900 Group Photo Session


31 March 2017 (Friday)

Time Activity
1330 – 1400 Registration
1400 – 1420 Event Introduction and Judges Introduction
1420 – 1600 Open Category (1st half)
1600 – 1615 Break & Refreshment
1615 – 1735 Open Category (2nd half)
1735 – 1745 Closing Speech
1745 – 1755 Souvenirs Presentation
1755 – 1800 Group Photo Session
1800 – 1830 Exclusive Networking and Engagement Session with iCUBE’s Platinum Sponsor- Cradle and Refreshment


1. Can I join both categories?

Yes, you can! You are allowed to submit your idea for both categories, or submit a unique idea for each category. If you intend to join the Closed Category with an idea that you would like to develop further, you are encouraged to join the Open Category to ask for more resources from the funders. You will also have the opportunity to participate in CIPTA Phases Two and Three if your idea gets picked up by the funders.

Open Category participants can join the Closed Category to ask for more resources from the companies involved. CIPTA 2017 acts as a platform to bridge the gap between the funders and you – the amount of additional support the companies would like to offer after listening to your pitch is completely up to their discretion.

2. Are you asking for equity in our ideas?

iCUBE is not going to ask for equity. We are a non-profit, student-led organisation aiming to help Malaysian students in the UK to bring their ideas into reality.

After Phase One, the funders will decide if they want to back your project. Whether or not they get equity in your ideas is between you and them. It is up to you to negotiate the details with the funders. iCUBE and CIPTA are only here to connect the two parties.

3. Are non-Malaysians allowed to join?

Yes, they are. However, there must be at least one Malaysian member in each team.

4. How many members are there in each group?

Closed Category: 1 to 3 members per group (you can join as an individual).

Open Category: No restriction.

5. If we were not allocated enough grants in Phase Two, can we ask for more?

You can negotiate the terms of the grants with the funder. They may provide additional grants up to their discretion if they are satisfied with your progress.

6. What is the time limit for each presentation in the Closed Category (30th March)?

Presentation:          5 min

Q & A:                     7 min

Judges’ feedback:  10 min

Total allocated time for each group is 22 min.

7. How much is the time allocated for the open session to pitch for resources (30th March)?

An open session of 30 minutes is allocated for the participants of Open Category to pitch for resources.

8. What is the time limit for each presentation in the Open Category (31st March)?

Presentation:          7 min

Q & A:                     8 min

Judges’ feedback:  7 min

Total allocated time for each group is 22 min.