iCUBE draws inspiration from the mathematical term, i³ or “i cubed”, where i is the imaginary number √-1. It symbolizes the three i’s in our motto, “Inspire. Innovate. Impact”. i³ also represents our desire to bring innovation to higher powers, thus making an impact on society and inspiring others to follow their dreams.


  • To encourage innovation and foster entrepreneurship spirit among the Malaysian student community in the UK & Ireland and help them to turn their ideas into reality.


  • Encourage innovation and entrepreneurship among Malaysian students in the UK.

  • Enhance the participants’ presentation skills, problem solving skills and critical thinking.

  • Provide networking opportunities between Malaysian investors and students.


  • To serve as a platform for innovative Malaysian students to realise their ideas

  • To encourage students to contribute back to Malaysia’s development by collaborating with Malaysian-based investors.

  • To serve as a network between Malaysian investors and innovative talents in the UK.